Terms and conditions

1) The lessee receives the vehicle in its correct condition, which he checks at the time of taking over, being informed of the type of fuel that the vehicle requires and committing to return said vehicle in the same condition in which he received it. If the lessee does not contract the exemption of the franchise and the vehicle receives some damage that it did not have at delivery, the damage will be valued and the client must pay the corresponding amount of the repair, up to the maximum of the franchise. (according to group)

2) The lessee agrees to pay all traffic or parking penalties that for breach of the traffic rules were imposed and to notify the lessor at the time of liquidation or return of the vehicle. In the case of not notifying Happy Rent Formentera, said sanction will be sent with acknowledgment of receipt to the tenant, with a charge of 21.78 VAT incl. (plus shipping costs incurred)

3) The lessee will be responsible for the liability that may arise from the use of the rented vehicle and under no circumstances may he / she be engaged in the transport of goods and especially if they were of illegal course.

4) We understand by both parties that a rental day is 24 hours from the date of collection of the vehicle until its return.

5) Happy Rent Formentera, offers a margin of one hour of courtesy to the client, for unforeseen events, as long as it is notified to be able to attend new requests. In the case of not notifying it, Happy Rent Formentera will apply a penalty of one rental day.

6) The lessee agrees with Happy Rent Formentera to carry with himself a copy of the contract duly signed and completed, in which it is mandatory for circulation, to be presented if required by the Authority or authorized, of said business.

7) In the event that the client leaves the vehicle in a place that is difficult to access and it is not possible to access it using their own methods and a service such as towing is needed, the total amount of said service would be borne by the lessee. Happy Rent Formentera reserves the right not to rent vehicles if it deems it convenient.

8) Happy Rent Formentera, may withdraw the leased vehicle due to misuse, by the lessee, or if the vehicle is driven in poor physical condition due to alcohol, drugs, fatigue or illness, or for any reason that violates the rules traffic.

9) In no case will it be allowed to sublet or drive the rented vehicle to people other than the current tenant, unless the consent of Happy Rent Formentera.

10) Minimum age: 21 years and 2 years of license, for groups: HR, HR1, HR2, HR3, 25 years and 2 years of license for groups: HR4, HR5, HR6, HR7, HR8, HR9, HR10.

11) Driver with ages between 21 and 24 years old: an extra € 1.90 per rental day will be increased, due to the risk of accident, and they will not be able to benefit from the exemption of the franchise.

12) Comprehensive insurance (CDW) with a franchise between € 445 and € 745, depending on the group, unlimited mileage, port charges and fees, VAT and local taxes, included.

13) Franchises (according to groups).

  • HR Group: € 445.
  • HR1 Group: € 545.
  • HR2 Group: € 545.
  • HR3 Group: € 545.
  • HR4 Group: € 600.
  • HR5 Group: € 600.
  • HR6 Group: € 645.
  • HR7 Group: € 645.
  • HR8 Group: € 700.
  • HR9 Group: € 745.
  • HR10 Group: € 745.

14) Exemption of franchise (according to groups).

  • HR Group: € 10 per day.
  • HR1 Group: € 12 per day.
  • HR2 Group: € 12 per day.
  • HR3 Group: € 12 per day.
  • HR4 Group: € 12 per day.
  • HR5 Group: € 12 per day.
  • HR6 Group: € 13 per day
  • HR7 Group: € 14 per day.
  • HR8 Group: € 14 per day.
  • HR9 Group: € 14 per day.
  • HR10 Group: € 14 per day.

15) It is not included in any case with the exemption of the franchise, since it is considered an improper misuse, by the lessee (the real price of the piece would be charged) in:

  • Blows on the underside of the vehicle.
  • Damage to rims or tires.
  • Glass breakage.
  • Loss, breakage or deterioration of any part of the interior of the vehicle.

16) Other charges:

  • Closed car with keys inside: € 14.
  • Loss or damage of keys: € 240 max. (depending on whether it is with command or not)
  • Extreme dirt inside or wet seats: € 24
  • Assistance due to refueling mistake: € 181.50.
  • Assistance for not carrying fuel: € 70.

17) Baby chair:

  • HRA group (0 to 9 kg): € 3 x day, maximum € 39.
  • HRB Group (9 to 18 kg): € 3 per day, and a maximum of € 39.

18) Elevator:

  • HRC Group: € 3 per day, and maximum € 39.

19) Night reservations: there will be a surcharge of € 21.78 VAT incl. from 9:30 p.m. to 00:00 a.m.

20) Fuel policy: FULL / FULL. The customer will pay the amount of € 70 when collecting his vehicle by means of a credit, debit or cash card, as a fuel deposit, which will be returned at the time of the vehicle’s return.

21) Delivery of vehicle lacking fuel: It will be charged every ¼ to € 17.50.

22) Additional driver (optional): A total of 2 additional drivers may be included for a supplement of € 3 per day (x driver) and a maximum of € 39 (x driver).

23) Delivery and collection of vehicles: It will be carried out, according to reservation or agreement with the client, either in their place of stay, or if you prefer in our office. We offer a transfer service for this, totally free.

24) Payment method: Online 50% when making your reservation, through the secure payment gateway and the rest when signing the contract when you pick up your vehicle, in cash or with a credit or debit card (visa, MasterCard).

25) CANCELLATION OF THE RESERVATION: Happy Rent Formentera reserves the right to return the total amount paid at the time of the reservation made by the client, provided that it is notified 48 hours before the vehicle is collected. Not carried out within this period, Happy Rent Formentera will charge the equivalent of one day’s rental at the non-promotional rate. (if there have been any in the reserve).

26) Documents to provide for the collection of your vehicle:

  • Valid driving license.
  • International driving license (only for countries outside the EU).
  • Identity document or passport.
  • Visa or MasterCard credit card (Amex is not accepted).
  • Váucher of the reservation.

27) The lessee declares to be in possession of the corresponding driving license for the rented vehicle.

28) It is totally forbidden to travel with the vehicle outside the island of Formentera.

29) Any difference that may arise in relation to this contract, the parties expressly submit to the judicial jurisdiction that is legally applicable.


31) Lost objects: Happy Rent Formentera, will contact you in case of finding objects containing personal or financial information in the rented vehicle, after 25 days in accordance with our privacy policy and general rental conditions, Happy rent Formentera will not makes you responsible for your state in any of the cases.

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